by Maestro

Maestro for business 


Maestro is not only there for private customers, but also for companies, public authorities and associations. And this in two possible ways: for projects or for resellers.

Project solutions

(custom projects)

Wall coverings tailored to your organization.


We are there to decorate your project according to your wishes. Customization all the way. The client determines the appearance, Depro provides precisely those panels that raise your organization to a higher level.

No idea is too crazy for us not to be able to answer! So feel free to challenge us!

Business solutions

(private label)

Your collection, your packaging


We offer the possibility to compile your own collection. With Maestro, but also according to your wishes, packaged in a jacket worthy of your brand.


Convinced of the added value of Maestro, but as a decoration specialist you dream of being able to offer your own collection? A collection that your customers can recognize themselves in, in a packaging that seamlessly matches the identity of your business?


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