Measure your existing


The first step towards a new staircase is to measure your existing staircase. Obviously, this is best done on a staircase that has been cleaned of upholstery, dirt and any glue residue. If it is a wooden staircase, light degreasing or even light sanding can help the adhesion.

Glue the new
steps and finish

Apply sufficient adhesive to the original step, and press the
new step firmly (level). Then it's your turn to install the profiles, and you can start finishing with a matching colour sealant.

Instructional videos


Looking for additional information such as installation instructions for steps and risers, the landing and transition profiles or how to measure or connect steps? Or simply looking for warranty conditions or technical sheets? Look no further, you will find everything here!

Finishing accessories

The devil's in the details if you want to deliver a refurbished staircase at a high level. For this reason, we not only provide you with the steps and risers, but also, for example, landing boards and edging. So you can be sure that the whole thing will have a uniform look to suit your taste!