Can you easily install a Maestro Steps staircase yourself?

Yes, you only need to measure the sizes of the existing tread boards, mark them off on the new tread boards, cut the new tread boards to size and glue them onto the old tread boards. In this way you can quickly and easily renovate your stairs yourself without any construction work. Watch the installation video on the website or download the detailed installation instructions from www.maestro-steps.be.

What material are the Maestro Steps tread boards and risers made of?

The Maestro Steps treads and risers are made out of MDF. This base is covered with a laminate layer finished with various protective layers offering high abrasion resistance and ease of maintenance. The printed laminate layer is very realistic and hardly to be distinguished from the real thing.

What are the advantages of a Maestro Steps staircase renovation?

Maestro Steps makes use of the tread-over-tread system. This means that your existing staircase does not need to be removed, and that you can easily apply the staircase renovation surface to the existing base. The Maestro Steps do not need any treatment after installation. Installing Maestro Steps is easy and fast, and you can easily do it yourself. On top of this it is a budget-friendly solution.

Can my open or winding staircase also be renovated?

We offer a total solution for closed, open or winding staircases. Our finishing accessories offer an excellent solution in this respect. Moreover, they are available with the same decorations as the treads and risers.

Which glue do you recommend to fix the new staircase?

We recommend Frencken SMP stair renovation glue (= moisture hardening glue)

Are Maestro Steps tread boards sound-damping?

If you use our recommended Frencken SMP stair renovation adhesive during the installation it will help prevent excess noise. This adhesive’s elasticity ensures that vibrations are absorbed when someone uses the stairs.

Can I install the stairs immediately after purchase?

It is recommended to allow the stair components to acclimatise first for at least 24 hours in the area where they are to be installed.

What is the lifespan of the Maestro Steps stairs?

Just as with laminate flooring, Maestro Steps stairs have an expected lifespan of 20 years, depending on the intensity of the residential use. The sturdy surface layer protects your stairs from moisture and dirt.

How do I maintain my Maestro Steps stairs?

Maestro Steps treads and risers are very easy to maintain, and you only need to vacuum them and/or wipe them off with a damp cloth. It is important that no water is left on the stairs. To ensure a long useful life for your product and to safeguard its quality we recommend that you bear in mind the following instructions:

- Try to avoid dirt, sand, gravel, oil or asphalt from getting onto the tread boards by using carpets or placing doormats at the front and back door.

- Do not drag heavy objects across the stairs or allow such objects to fall on them. Do not use the stairs when wearing shoes with sharp metal points underneath.

- It is better not to clean the stairs with detergents as this may damage the protective layer.

Is a Maestro Steps staircase resistant to moisture and water?

It is strongly recommended not to install the stairs in damp and/or wet spaces. In this connection, the stairs are exclusively intended for indoor residential use.

Is a Maestro Steps staircase colourfast?

Maestro Steps stair components are protected against discolouration, but they are not 100% colourfast. This is not considered a product defect since all glossy surfaces are subject to surface discolouration and gloss variations. This change can occur depending on the location of the staircase (whether or not in full sunlight), the degree of intensity of use (natural wear and tear) and the use of detergents or aggressive maintenance products.

Which color kit do I use for sealing the seams?

For optimal results, use a matching color kit to finish the seams between tread and riser

The above color matches are solely proposals. Maestro Steps is not resposable for divergent color matchings. Ask for more information in your store for optimal results.